Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choosing a lot Part III

Choosing a lot Part III (Off road edition)

Choosing a lot off the road system is much the same as any other lot but there are a few more considerations due to access. Many people think that off road lots are going to be a lot less expensive than lots on the road system but this is not always true and the cost of building is going to be much higher.
If you want to get away from the crowds you almost have to go off the road system and even then you are likely to have some neighbors.
Some things to consider:
-What kind of access is there to your lot? Boat, Snow machine, ATV, Aircraft, Ferry, etc.
-Is there year round access?
-If the access is too difficult, are you really going to feel like visiting the cabin often?
-What about emergencies?
-Is there drinkable water available?
-Is the property in a flood zone? Many river lots are susceptible to flooding. Flooding can change channels and cut the property in half or erode the usable portion away. (I know, it happened to me)
-Is there permafrost in the area? This doesn't have to be a deal killer but you need to be aware of it.
-What is the weather like in the area? Are you going to have to worry about being weathered in for weeks at a time or spend your vacation time waiting for the weather to clear to get in or out?
-Is there heating fuel (firewood) available or are you going to have to haul propane or fuel oil?

All of these questions are to make you aware of things you may not have thought of, they are not to discourage you from making the plunge into remote property.

Discaimer: The advise in this blog is strictly informational and is not to be taken as anything more than a Builder's Opinion.

'Be yourself!' is about the worst advice you can give to some people.
- Tom Masson

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