Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New shop buildings for 2019

Over the years we have been know for doing garages but we never thought to let it be known that we also build large shop buildings. We are going to be publishing our new shop plans and pricing in the near future but here is a sneak peek of our sizes and pricing.
Remember, we are not limited to these sizes and design. We can also incorporate tubing in the floors for in-floor heat along with all the plumbing to put in bathrooms or kitchens as well. More and more people want the taller doors for motorhomes and large equipment so we do a lot of  14 and 16 foot walls in our shop buildings to allow for 12 and 14' doors.

All of our shop buildings come with a monolithic slab with 18 to 24" perimeter footers reinforced with rebar and wire. Overhead doors with electric openers, personnel doors and windows as requested.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pricing for the 2019 Season

As with most companies, we have been faced with large increases in material and labor costs over the last few years which has forced our hand in increasing our pricing. We haven't published the new pricing but I expect it will be implemented in the next few weeks. Some things won't be increased but we are going to be reviewing our price list and options for revisions. Naturally, contracts already in place will not be affected.
The good news is we are looking forward to a very busy year with projects planned throughout the state. We still have start dates available this year but if you need construction financing it is best to start the process now since it can take three to six months to get everything in order.
On subsequent blogs we will be listing the names of banking contacts for construction financing in different areas of the state.

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Notes from the Earthquake

When the earthquake hit on November 30, 2018 my first thought was "We've got over a thousand structures built here in Alaska, what now?" It was a sobering thought I must admit. Thankfully we had very few reports of damage and everything reported to us was very minor.
We have always tried to add a little extra support here and there and add structure and hardware above and beyond what is required which is added comfort when we come up against an earthquake or high wind events.
Urethane foam spray adds significant strength to any structure as well as high insulation qualities and we have received many requests for urethane spray foam for this coming year. Our equipment is more portable now and we can take it into remote areas. Historically, urethane is installed for its high insulation qualities but the structural qualities have high value as well.
If you are interested in building in the 2019 season, please contact us since we still have some opening start dates in different areas of the state. If we are already to scheduled to build in your area, we can likely build for you while we are in the area.

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