Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free cabin winner

The “Free Cabin Giveaway” winner has been selected! We’d like to thank all entrants who took the time to explain why they felt qualified to win; and some were very close. However, our decision was based on several factors that made her exceptional. First, for privacy, her identity will remain anonymous.
At fifty-eight years old, she has lived in Alaska for over thirty years. Her husband of nineteen years was a disabled veteran; he died this summer. With one high school child still at home, it’s been very difficult to make ends meet with just a part-time job. It’s inevitable that she’ll lose her home because she no longer has the additional income from her husband’s disability from VA.
Our winner was able to buy an acre of land from some of the insurance funds, but is unable to completely build a cabin. This will not be a vacation cabin, but a primary residence. In addition, she does have the funds to do the finish the cabin.
Again, congratulations to our winner; not only someone in need, but who has suffered a great loss as well.

Jay Friesen,
Friesens Custom Cabins

Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Cabin

Only seventeen days before we make the selection for the free cabin. We have received many requests and we encourage you to write in for yourself,a family member or someone you know who is in need.
We are making plans to do another free cabin selection to anounce at the State Fair.
We haven't only received requests for the cabin, we have had folks write in that they want to help as well. Pretty cool!

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