Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Services

We are offering several new services for 2010. For each of our plans we will be offering three phases:
Phase I: Our standard framing shell that we have been listing for many years.
Phase II: Rough-in Plumbing and Wiring
Phase III: Insulation and Drywall Hanging
We feel that this will enable more clients to obtain owner/builder financing and expedite the process of finishing your home or cabin.
Pricing will be dependent on the size and complexity of the plan and will include our warranty and oversight.
Over the years we have seen that more people have problems with the wiring and plumbing than any phase of the work. By us shouldering that burden it will alleviate some of the headscratching for our clients.
Naturally, you will still save money by doing it yourself and we will assist in that as well by recommending reliable sub contractors to you.
Insulation and drywall is simply difficult and physically demanding. Many start into it and find it is much more difficult than they had anticipated.
By choosing Phase I through III you will be 75% complete and there will still be a lot of savings to be had by taking care of the taping, mudding, painting, cabinets, heat, floor coverings, trim and millwork in an insulated heated space.
These options aren't for everyone but they will be available for those who choose to quicken the process.

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