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Choosing a lot Part II

Choosing a lot Part II

Now that you have narrowed your search down to a certain area you can start getting more picky about individual lots. Make sure the lot is buildable and there are no encroachments by adjoining lots ie. septics, storage buildings, well, old cars etc.
Ask yourself some hard questions: (These questions are for lots on the road system)
-Is this lot steep?
-Are you going to have to build a long driveway?
-Is there electricity nearby, if so, how far away?
-Is the lot big enough to get the separation between your well and septic or between the neighbors well and your septic?
-If it is a lake lot; is there enough room to build and still have the required setback? Don't let anyone tell you that you can get a variance to build closer to the lake because it is unlikely.
-Is the lot swampy, if so, is there enough dry ground on the lot to build on. Many lake lots are wet but they are still buildable with some expensive dirtwork. If the lot is questionable, have an excavating contractor look at it with you to determine the cost for making it buildable, he will also be able to determine whether you have space enough for well and septic separation. Waterfront property is so scarce now that it is often worthwhile spending some money on making it buildable. If you don't have an excavation contractor, we can provide you with names in your area.
-Does the neighborhood agree with you. If you see crime tape and a condemned notice on the house next door you might surmise that there is illegal activity going on.(This is more common than you might think)
-Will the ground perk ok for a septic system?
-How deep are the neighbors' wells?
-Has the lot been surveyed recently? You want to be sure of your corners.
-Are there obstructions that will block the sun for three months in winter? This may not be important to you but you want to think about these things before purchasing.
There are many more questions to ask so try and cover all the bases.

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