Friday, April 23, 2010

A Framing Nailer for All

Everyone who has ever built anything with a hammer and nails can appreciate the ease and speed of a framing nailer. Up until twenty years or so ago; you had to purchase a compressor, hose, fittings and a nailer to get set up for air nailing.
If you are building one of our Kits, I recommend you purchase a Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer. Everything you need comes in the handy carrying case. You don't need a compressor, hose or anything else.
The framing nailer is powered by a battery to activate the firing mechanism and a butane cartridge to provide the power to drive the nail. We have been using them since the early nineties and have had great success.
True, they aren't quite as fast as pneumatic nailers and you have to pull the trigger for each nail but it is literally ten times as fast as the fastest hand nailer.
The downside is that the battery and the gas cartridge need to be kept warm during winter work. Our solution is to keep an extra battery and cartridge in an inside pocket close to the body.
The nailers are under $400 and can be had at AIH, Home Depot, SBS, Lowes.........
The time you will save will amaze you and there are many nail sizes etc. to choose from..

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