Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Introducing Our First Kit Cabins!

We at Friesen's Custom Cabins have been toying with the idea of Kit Cabins for almost 20 years. Somehow we have never taken the step. Perhaps we weren't listening closely enough to our customer base. We have received countless phone calls and emails over the years about kit cabins and we're now offering our first kit cabin starting March 1.
Our first Kit will be a 16 x 20 plan #1 and will include foundation pilings, pre-cut floor joist, headers, plates, studs, rafters and metal roofing. The kit will also include four windows, door, steps etc. A short instructional video will also be included as well as an optional site visit from one of our staff to help with any questions.
The 16 x 20 Plan #1 Kit will be priced at $10,995. The advantage of buying a kit from us is our knowledge of construction and logistics. We will be able to assist in organizing remote transportation and finish products as well.
If the first kit is popular, we will introduce more kits as requests come in and offer custom kits as well.

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