Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bush Cabin Design

If you google 'Cabin Designs'you will see there are 3,730,000 results. That is the reason it is so difficult to make a selection. In bush Alaska the designs are narrowed down somewhat due to utility.
We specialize in fairly simple, efficient designs that have been proven for hundreds if not thousands of years. As you can see on our website we try to keep dimensions to 2' increments and we don't encourage multiple valleys, flat roofs, round work or dead valleys.
In snow country it is important to make sure the snow has a place to go when it comes off the metal roof to minimize damage and injury. Since many of our structures are not lived in full time; we try to make them as maintenance friendly as possible.
Most people come to us with a plan in their mind. It might be something they saw online or in a plan book. It could be a plan from their past; perhaps their grandparent's cabin from their childhood. One lady wanted a replica of the cabin she grew up in in the Fairbanks area; even the screened in porch with an old fashioned screen door with a spring on it so it would make the same slamming sound as she remembered from her childhood in the 1930's. When we were finished and the door slammed shut; she was very happy as it brought back memories of her past.
Our job is to make your plans fit your dreams within your budget which isn't always easy. The most important component is communication between the client and the designer/builder. The more information we have about your needs, the easier it is to deliver a design to fit those needs. Most designs are a compromise between needs, wishes and budget.
The first step is to have us prepare a proposal for you on a basic plan. If your budget allows; you can add options to it or subtract from it as you wish. Budget is always a factor. I have never built for anyone who didn't have a limited budget for their project.
Most projects take several planning meetings before settling on a plan; however, some folks have been planning for many years and know exactly what they want it to look like.
If you have a custom plan in mind or even a 'bar napkin drawing', that is enough to get started.

Always do right - this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
- Mark Twain

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