Friday, November 13, 2009


Ice travel is taken for granted here in the Greatland. We at Friesen's Custom Cabins make our living by hauling materials and transporting crew and supplies over the ice.

Traveling on the ice can be deadly if precautions aren't taken. More than one unlucky soul has lost his life and many more have lost vehicles and equipment by falling through the ice. Most of us judge ice conditions by past experience or by watching what others are doing. You don't really want to be the first person of the year to drive on the ice nor do you want to be the last. I have attached a link that will help you in determining whether it is safe to travel or not. Give yourself plenty of margin for error and you should be fairly safe.
TIP: For testing ice depth, you can use a chain saw. Just run the bar down until water starts coming through the hole. Measure your bar and you have a very quick way of checking your ice.
In March and April your bar is not going to be long enough but by then you'll know you have plenty of ice for most activities.

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