Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Building 2017

Winter in Alaska to many signifies the end of all outdoor activity but to us it is the beginning of our Winter building season. After freeze-up we are able to access many areas of the state that are impractical to reach during the summer months.
After many years of experimentation we have developed many techniques for building in cold weather. Naturally, there are times where the temperatures are so severe that it's not practical to keep working outdoors but generally speaking temperatures to -15 degrees or so don't create any major problems as long as there isn't significant wind to deal with.
We have done metal roofs down to -53 degrees but it wasn't very productive. Interestingly, low temperature bituthane and 100% silicone perform well at -50 and even colder without any change in flexibility or viscosity.
Excavation can be a challenge especially if the ground has been cleared of organics and cleared of snow. The organics and snow keep the ground insulated and don't allow the frost to dive deep.
Many sites have no road access but are fairly close to a road, traveling on ice roads on rivers and lakes allows us to access many sites with our regular vehicles which also keeps the cost down.
If you have a project you want done in the winter season so you can enjoy it in the summer give us a call and we'll get it going for you.

                                Happy New Year From Friesen's Custom Cabins!!                      

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