Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Our DIY Kits have become very popular.  We are now able to offer building assistance through some of our Sub-Contractors.  For those people who are nervous about tackling a DIY Kit themselves, we can send a crew member or two crew members to help organize and build the project.
This is a good option for remote projects. You can hire a crew member for a day or two or to help with the entire project. The crew member is trained in the construction of the kits so it will speed up the build considerably.
We are taking orders for spring and summer now so we can have them ready for the first barges in June. We are also still doing the lay-away program if you want to pay for it in monthly payments throughout the winter.
A Kit Seminar is being planned for the spring as well and we will post it on the blog and Facebook.
If you are interested in a Kit or a cabin built on your lot in 2015, let us know and we will get the process started for you.

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