Saturday, November 2, 2013

Extreme Conditions Kit Options

We are in the process of developing three insulation options for your DIY kits to meet the needs of rural Alaskans. Our standard kit consists of the framing shell and includes foundation, framing, windows, doors and metal roof. The standard kits do not include wiring, plumbing, insulation or drywall etc. We have found that many in bush Alaska need more energy efficient options. With oil prices as high as $9.00 per gallon and even more in some areas, it makes good sense to spend the money up front for energy efficiency. On the road system, fuel prices are quite reasonable in comparison so the payback on energy efficient upgrades may not warrant the extra cost for super insulation which is quite costly. Naturally, there are many ways to make a home more energy efficient and we are starting out by offering three options for the DIY kits. We are in the process of building a price list for the super insulated kits right now. If you would like pricing on a particular model you can email or call and we can get the pricing for you very quickly.

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