Monday, October 7, 2013

Update on SIPS

We have been working with the manufacturer on a custom SIPS panel and we think we have arrived at a real winner. We will be introducing our 'FCC Super-Insulated Arctic Home' option in a few weeks. Our first offering will be a 24 x 36 single level with R-44 Floor, R-44 Walls, R-50 Ceiling with Triple Glaze windows. The super insulated shell will run around $75K and will have a Rough-Sawn no-groove T1-11 exterior and a 1/2" fire rated ACX interior. All interior wiring boxes and chases will be ready for wiring. The interior walls will be in but will need sheetrock and paint etc. Heating costs on this package will be 1/3 of what it costs to heat a conventional home of the same size so the increase in cost of the construction will easily be paid back in a few years.
We go on multiplying our conveniences only to multiply our cares. We increase our possessions only to the enlargement of our anxieties. -Anna C.

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