Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The 'Free Cabin For a Family in Need'

The 'Free Cabin for a Family in Need' is now ready for interior finish. When we started to move forward with this idea of providing a free home for someone in need, we weren't prepared for the enormity of the need and the overwhelming requests for help. We are only a small company with very limited resources but we figured we would try to do a small part. Even though it seems like one grain of sand on the beach, it's still worthwile. When we first announced the Free Cabin idea, we received a check for $20 to help from a lady we had built for. Her and her husband were both on disability and that $20 was a lot to give for them. I was so moved by this that I pinned it to the wall in my office to remind me we were on the right track. To whom much is given is much required. [Luke 12:48]


Anonymous said...

I hope u dont mind I shared this story. Thanks for doing good work for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

The cabin you built for the needy family on Riverview Terrace in Soldotna was a very nice idea, however, it doesn't seem to be appreciated as they moved in last April, and by May the entire lot was filled with trash, and the entire neighborhood is disappointed by the lack of care they are taking of the very nice cabin you were so nice to donate.

Anonymous said...

my step dtr and granddaughter need a place for winter we have land they just need a home in Fairbanks this would really help them a lot as they keep moving place to place and lived in a motorhome last summer now winter is coming and again they need to move really need a place they can call home i help with food clothing etc baby is one yrs old Thanks...for what you are doing . They will definately take care of it. Her boyfriend works and isnt home most of the time it is just the 2 girls they dont need a huge home. We are rebuilding our place on the property as it burned a few years ago and we are building an addition here too both projects are slow not enough money to finish them or we at 50 years old would help them build something. Thank you again for all you do to help others.