Friday, May 3, 2013

A Shout out to Wasim at Google

It may seem that all huge companies are so big that they have no time for us little guys but I can say that Google adwords has been exactly opposite. You would think a company with annual revenues of 50 billion would be all electronic and impersonal but I have learned that they do listen to us small businesses. I was contacted by email many times by a man named Wasim and I never responded because I thought it was junk mail. Finally, I received a phone call from Wasim letting me know that some of the things I was doing on Adwords was costing me much more than it should and that I should change some keywords and budget amounts. Many of the budget amounts that I was using were too high and he helped me several times over the phone to streamline my advertising campaigns. Not only does he return calls promptly; he also keeps an eye on my account to make sure I am getting optimum bang for my buck. All of this with a cheerful and helpful attitude. To say I am impressed is a vast understatement. 'Thanks Wasim!' Hire character. Train skill. – Peter Schutz

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