Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remote Cabins-The reality show?

The facination with Alaska themes seems to be everywhere on reality TV. From Flying and fishing to Gold mining and Taxidermy, you name it, they're making a show about it. We have been approached at least a half dozen times in the past few years to be involved in a reality show. My response has been that a well run company shouldn't have too much drama. Without conflict and drama, it is pretty boring to watch. We have been striving for over twenty years to build a boring, well-run company. Naturally we don't always succeed, but we certainly don't want a camera hovering over everytime something goes wrong. People watch car racing for the wrecks and hockey for the fights. I have to admit, the most interesting part of a show is when things go bad or people have conflict. Fist fights are a bonus! A remote cabin building TV show?....thanks for asking but no thanks!

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