Friday, September 17, 2010

Shout Outs!

I am going to make 'Shout Outs' a regular feature of this Blog. Almost all of us experience extraordinary service occasionally or see a random act of kindness in our daily lives. Sometimes we don't realize how unusual it was until much later.
Naturally, we are more likely to remember negative experiences, but those comments will be reserved for private conversation.
Recently, I have been working with several parties who received their construction financing through First National of Alaska. The Loan officers I have been in contact with are Teo Ransum and Stacy Tomuro and they have been great to work with. Above and beyond good service, they have been extraordinary. They return calls very promptly and went out of their way to make sure things were going smooth. For Owner/builder financing information you can go to

Never miss an opportunity to make someone's day!

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