Sunday, May 23, 2010


Trex Products
We are going to be offering Trex decking on our price list in the next week or so. We have been using the Trex product for over six years and we wanted to be sure we liked the product before we started offering it as a regular option.
We like it! More importantly, our customers like it. There were other companies producing synthetic deck products and many of them had a hollow core and didn’t hold up well. Trex has a solid core and has held up extremely well and requires no maintenance.
Most people don’t know that Trex is made from plastic grocery bags and recycled wood. In fact, Trex uses approximately 70% of the recycled grocery bags in the United States. The plastic is mixed with a wood sawdust to make an indestructible decking product.
It holds up to cold weather or warm weather. The color stays intact for years and it is very easy to clean, it doesn’t cup, warp or split and the surface is non-slip.
We haven’t found a downside except that it is more expensive and heavier than wood. Within a few years it will make up most of the decking in Alaska.
We will have the pricing posted on June 1 with several colors to choose from.

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